White Land Foundation covered since 2005 four main sectors: Economy, Health, Education and Environment.

In 2012, all White Land Foundation efforts are mainly invested behind two sectors/themes:
  1. Economy: Creating job opportunities by giving the chance to participants to learn handcrafts professions that they can practice in order to get more income for their families... more

  2. Education: Enhancing participants' educational skills through languages, communication and computer classes... more
February 2013: Fall 2012 Classes Graduation White Land Foundation graduates the 7 classes of Fall 2012.
December 2012: WLF 2012 Kids Christmas Events WLF celebrated Christmas with more than 1,500 Kids.
December 2012: Christmas with SOS Sfaray Kids WLF with SOS Village Kids on Christmas
September 2012: WLF Art Exhibition Art Exhibition in Lebaa for handcrafts made by WLF trainees.
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